Right now, elected officials in the Greater Boston area have an unprecedented opportunity to help families recover from the pandemic and to build an equitable economy that works for everyone. With unions, this can become a reality. Together, we can stop the race to the bottom. 

In Greater Boston and beyond, unions provide a path to a better life for all workers. We stand up for opportunity, equity and safety.

Unions guarantee pay equity for women and people of color.
Unions ensure working people earn family-sustaining wages and benefits.
Unions provide life-saving training and ensure safety on the job. 

That is why support for unions across the country is growing. 

With unions, workers have greater opportunities in their workplaces and the ability to live a better life. As we slowly emerge from the pandemic, workers are paying attention. Workers are the movement. YOU are the movement.

Together, the Greater Boston Labor Council represents more than 100,000 hardworking families throughout every neighborhood of Boston and surrounding cities and towns. We’re hotel workers, construction workers, healthcare workers, janitors, teachers, and more. We are also voters. This is our movement and our moment to build back better. To build back with opportunity, with equity, and with strong communities, we need to build back better WITH unions. Our elected leaders should lend their support to us — working families — and should help our communities build back better WITH unions to create:


Our elected leaders must protect and expand workers’ rights. Working people deserve pay equity, collective bargaining, and a voice on the job. Unions defend our communities and the public good.


Unions champion racial justice, immigrant rights and climate justice.

Strong Communities

We must Build Back Better in our neighborhoods and workplaces. Our families need Paid Family and  Medical Leave, child care, and health and safety protections at the workplace.